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Saguaro Trail

The Saguaro Trail is a 2/3 mile unpaved loop through beautiful desert terrain. This nature trail is divided into two shorter sections – the Coyote Loop and the Javelina Loop. You may notice tracks of rabbit, raccoon, coyote, roadrunner and other desert animals along the trail

Stop 1: The Hackberry Bench
The large desert hackberry bush near the bench attracts coyotes, javelinas and birds with its sweet orange berries in the summer and fall. You’ll observe more bird activity here along the wash where thicker vegetation provides shelter and nesting places. Nearby saguaros are inhabited by woodpeckers

Stop 2: The Palo Verde Ramada
Spanish for “green stick”, the palo verde tree is noticeable for its smooth green bark. Although tiny leaves sprout after rains, they are dropped during drought, leaving the palo verde to rely on photosynthesizing through its green bark for most of the year. During April and May, palo verdes burst into an explosion of yellow flowers. The seeds ripen about six weeks later and are eaten by many desert animals

Stop 3: The Desert View Bench
As you look around you, you’ll notice a variety of ways plants have adapted to desert life. Some store water in their fleshy stems; some have very small leaves, lighter-colored leaves, waxy surfaces or spines. How many different adaptive strategies can you spot at this stop?

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